Welcome to the good guys tribe page

We fight for trust and glory, against Trollers and Rushers. Go! Fight for Glory!

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    vagnerd (Thursday, 23 December 2010 21:07)

    good web site

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    Coft (Friday, 24 December 2010 07:57)


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    shadowlyy (Friday, 24 December 2010 08:14)

    its good this page i like it

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    coftsite (Friday, 24 December 2010 09:08)

    we are the tribe Rank 2,696 of 9,418

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    coftsite (Friday, 24 December 2010 09:23)

    We will get ranked up when we defeat loCO and suvacu trbes!

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    coftsite (Friday, 24 December 2010 09:24)

    search for the tribe in the page 27 of tribes leaderboard


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    coft (Sunday, 30 January 2011 20:03)

    go to extras, games to play some great games

    Umag is the multiplayer first game

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    Dafíídek (Wednesday, 04 April 2012)

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